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A Pilgrim's Progress

piano solo

Duration: 14 min. ca

I. They climbed a mountain
II. They give birth astride of a grave


Ballad: Rightly Utrecht (Utrecht met Recht)

mixed choir SATB

Duration: ca. 5'

text: Michiel Angenent
Commissioned by the Utrechts Kamerkoor conducted by Bauwien van der Meer, Financially supported by the Utrecht City Council.
On the occasion of the festivities around the jubilee Utrecht, 900 years of City Rights: City without Walls.


Scènes uit ons lot (Scenes from our Fate)

Renaissance instruments: tenor, alto recorder in G, lute, harp, viola da gamba

Duration: 6'30"

text: Ester Naomi Perquin


Hymne voor Jacobus


Duration: 4' ca

tekst: Andries Govaart


Hymne bij de heiligenfeesten


Duration: 1'40"ca

tekst: Andries Govaart


Keervers (canon voor koor)


Duration: 33 sec

tekst: Andries Govaart


Aan de Bruid / To the Bride

Arrangement for renaissance instruments: tenor, altorecorder in G, lute, viola da gamba and harp

Duration: ca. 13 min.

Five songs on poems by Ingmar Heytze

I. Verzoeknummer
II. Winter
III. Aan de bruid
IV. Hoor eens ik haat je
V. Voor de liefste onbekende


Songs of War & Peace

Recorder (soprano & tenor) & string quartet

Duration: ca. 32'

A suite in 5 movements for recorder and string quartet based on Bohemian, German, and Dutch folksongs from the Thirty Year's War.

Written for Peter Holtslag and the Bennewitz Quartet

I. Battaglia
II. Fantasia super 'Dunkle Wolke'
III. Scherzo: Grimmig Tod & Heilig Kind
IV. Pastorale: Schnitter Tod
V. Elegia

Première: Peter Holtslag with the Ruysdael Kwartet, 17-18 Octobre 2020 Noorderkerk Concerten Amsterdam, Dorpskerk Wilp and Slotconcerten Slot Zeist. With special thanks to Richard van Remmen


Seven Divine Meditations

Choir SATB

Duration: 20' ca

Text: John Donne
1. Thou hast made me (after Psalm 6)
2. I am a little world made cunningly (after Psalm 143)
3. Oh, to vex me (after Psalm 32)
4. Since she whom I loved (after Psalm 38)
5. As due by many titles I resign myself to thee (after Psalm 130)
6. Batter my heart (after Psalm 102)
7. Death, be not proud (after Psalm 150)

The composition of Seven Divine Meditations was made financially possible through the generosity one of the choristers of the amateur choir TIEN, conducted by Christian Winter. This ensemble gave the first performance in March 2019 in the choral concert series Couleur Vocale in the Walonian Church in Amsterdam. 


Utrechts Requiem: In Paradisum (Chamber version)

4 solo voices, clarinet, violin, violoncello and harp

Duration: 6' ca

Kamermuziekversie van deel VIII: In Paradisum van het Utrechts Requiem 2018
Tekst: Herman van Tongerloo


Utrechts Requiem: In Paradisum

Choir SATB, clarinet, bassoon, horn, string quintet, harp, timpani

Duration: 6' ca

Part VIII of the 'Utrechts Requiem 2018' for the NEON Choir & Ensemble Insomnio
Text: Herman van Tongerloo


Christmas Quartet

String quartet

Duration: Duration: 12'

For Miranda Rademakers and her Foundation Muziek op Zuid, Rotterdam


Utrechts Requiem: Sanctus (chamber version)

4 solo voices, clarinet, violoncello and harp

Duration: 6'30

Chamber version of Part IV of the 'Utrecht Requiem 2017', for the soloists from Dutch Chamber Choir and Ensemble Insomnio
Text: Herman van Tongerloo / trad. Gregorian


Utrechts Requiem: Introïtus (chamber version)

4 solo voices (with optional percussion), clarinet, violoncello and harp

Duration: 6'30

Chamber version of Part I of the 'Utrecht Requiem 2017', for the soloists from Dutch Chamber Choir and Ensemble Insomnio
Text: Herman van Tongerloo / trad. Gregorian


Utrechts Requiem: Sanctus

Choir SATB, clarinet, bassoon, horn, string quintet, harp, timpani (and optional children's voices in soprano range)

Duration: 5'35

Part I of the 'Utrecht Requiem 2017', for the Dutch Chamber Choir and Ensemble Insomnio
Text: Herman van Tongerloo / trad. Gregorian


Utrecht Requiem: Introïtus

Choir SATB, clarinet, bassoon, horn, string quintet, harp, timpani (and optional children's voices in soprano range)

Duration: 6'30

Part I of the 'Utrecht Requiem 2017', for the Dutch Chamber Choir and Ensemble Insomnio
Text: Herman van Tongerloo / trad.


Super 'Pange, lingua'

Clarinet and string quartet

Duration: 5'20

For the Bennewitz Quartet and Harry-Imre Dijkstra


Aan de Bruid [To the Bride]

Five Ingmar Heytze poems for mezzo-soprano, violin, clarinet, viola and cello

Duration: ca. 13'

Written for the Arto Ensemble: Rosina Fabius (mezzo-soprano), Nancy Braithwaite (clarinet), Amarins Wierdsma (violin), Prunella Pacey (viola), Guus Fabius (cello)to celebrate 20 years of Kromme Rijn Concerten. The composer and the Arto Ensemble gratefull acknowledge the financial support of the Elise Mathilde Fonds, the KF Hein Fonds and the Provinciaal Utrechts Genootschap voor Kunsten en Wetenschappen (PUG). Listen?


Super Suite

Suite in seven parts for clarinet and string quartet

Duration: 35'

For the Bennewitz Quartet and Harry-Imre Dijkstra


Super 'Dies'

Clarinet and string quartet

Duration: 5'

For the Bennewitz Quartet and Harry-Imre Dijkstra


Super 'Victimae'

Clarinet and string quartet

Duration: 6'30

For the Bennewitz Quartet and Harry-Imre Dijkstra


I look o'er Yander

two recorder quintets (SATTB - ATTB,GB) and optional alto recorder soloist

Duration: 9'

Written for the Lyme Regis Recorder Courses 2016


He is not here

Piano solo

Duration: 4'25

For Marcel Worms


Super 'Spiritus'

Clarinet and string quartet

Duration: 1'40

For the Bennewitz Quartet and Harry-Imre Dijkstra.


Planctus super 'Jusques à quand' (Ps. 13)

Clarinet and string quartet

Duration: 5'19

For the Bennewitz Quartet and Harry-Imre Dijkstra. Part of a projected Super Suite (working title), seven dance pieces over liturgical hymns.


Super 'Mitten wir im Leben sind'

clarinet and string quartet

Duration: 4'20

For the Bennewitz Quartet and Harry-Imre Dijkstra. Part of the projected Super Suite (working title), seven pieces based on hymns.


Super 'Stella'

Clarinet, two violins, viola and cello

Duration: 3'52

For the Bennevitz Quartet and Harry-Imre Dijkstra


String Quartet 'Moravian Souls'

String quartet: two violins, viola, cello

Duration: ca. 21'

Written for the Škampa Quartet


Deep River - funk version

low mezzo-soprano or alto, two violins, viola, cello, double bass and percussion

Duration: 4'

Written for singer Nora Fisher and Fuse, première Concertgebouw, Tracks Thankgiving concerts November 26 & 27 2014



Violin solo

Duration: 5'30

Written for Rosanne Philippens. Premiere 8 September 2014 at the Kammermusiksaal Hochschule für Musik Freiburg, as a Dutch part of Rosanne's programme for the Freiburg International Violin Competition. Dutch premiere, of the revised version, by Emma Roijackers in the Festival Muze van Zuid on 17 September 2023.


Two Lyrical Dances

for cello and piano

Duration: 10'30

For Mascha van Nieuwkerk


Danse Macabre

Mezzo-soprano, tenor saxophone and marimba

Duration: 8'

Written for Karin Strobos (mezzo-soprano) and the Duo Sax & Stix (Eva van Grinsven, saxophone and Ramon Lormans, percussion) Premiere: Amsterdam, Grachtenfestival, August 25 2013 in the Compagnietheater.
text: W.H. Auden


Sonata 'Deep River'

Violin and piano

Duration: ca. 25'

Written for the Duo Philippens & Van Nieuwkerk. Commissioned by the Stichting Slotconcerten Zeist. Financially supported by the Stichting Slotconcerten Zeist, the Municipality Zeist and the Van Veenendaal-Bot Foundation First performance on March 24, 2013 at the Slot Zeist.


Deep River Dancing

String orchestra, marimba & percussion

Duration: 4'

Based on different versions of Deep River, the well know 'Negro spiritual', written for the Fusion String Ensemble Fuse


The Bridal Kiss

Recorder quartet T-T-B-GB

Duration: 4'

Scenes from a Jewish wedding ritual, with Klezmer influences. Published by Tre Fontane].


Ludwig was here (wasn't he)...

Alto recorder and piano

Duration: ca. 14'

This is the version for recorder and piano of the 3rd movement of my duo sonata for violin and piano. Published by Edition Tre Fontane. A midi version of the piano (for practising purpose) is available.


Mein Kind, wir waren Kinder, zwei Kinder klein und froh...

Song for (mezzo)soprano, baritone and piano

Duration: 3'

Two-part version of a one-part original
Text: Heinrich (Harry) Heine


Stamping Ground (for Angels)

Recorder quartet SATB

Duration: ca. 4'

Based on the estampita Tre Fontane, and dedicated to Edition Tre Fontane, Münster, Germany, in celebration of their 10th anniversary.
A recording by the Flanders Recorder Quartet, together with Catch (an Angel) and fall of 2012.



soprano, clarinet and piano

Duration: ca. 25'

Narrative song cycle in three movements for soprano, clarinet and piano on three poems ‘Aus der Harzreise’ (1824) by Heinrich Heine Written for the Trio Amare: Sabine Wuethrich, soprano, Céleste Zewald, clarinet, Daniel Kramer, piano. Written with financial support of the trio itself.
Text: Heinrich Heine


Mein Kind, wir waren Kinder, zwei Kinder klein und froh...

Song for (mezzo)soprano and piano

Duration: 3'

For Mascha, Thierry and the members of Winfried
Text: Heinrich ('Harry') Heine


Piano trio 'De tout mon coeur'

Trio for piano, violin and cello

Duration: ca. 25'

For the Atlantic Trio (Bas Verheijden, piano, Vegard Nilsen, violin, Ansfried Plat, cello)


Serenade for little x

Violin, cello, piano

Duration: 1'32

For Giuseppina Carolina Benders (born 29 september 2008)


Due Scherzi

2 violins, 2 violas, violoncello

Duration: ca. 10'

An arrangement for string quintet of two movements of my guitar quintet Over the Water, for young violin player Lisa Jacobs and her ensemble.


From near and from afar

Carillon and recorder player at a distance (treble renaissance and alto baroque recorders)

Duration: 12'

Written for Arie Abennes and Saskia Coolen, commissioned and funded by the Utrecht Carillon Society as part of the celebration of their eightieth birthday.


'Over the Water' for guitar and string quartet

Guitar Quintet / guitar and string quartet: guitar, two violins, viola and cello

Duration: ca. 24'

For Tom Kerstens & the G+ Ensemble, with financial support of the ThuisKopie Fonds


Recorders Without Borders

Recorders A(A,T) T(T,B)BB ad lib.

Duration: ca. 5'

Four graded pieces for recorder quartet or sextet ad lib.
Published by Edition Tre Fontane, Münster.


Over the Water

tenor recorder and piano

Duration: 2'

for Sas and Mas ...who both came from 'over the water'. Published by Tre Fontane


Over the Water

cello & piano (or violin, or recorder, and piano)

Duration: ca. 2'

For Saskia & Maarten Coolen


The Lamb & The Tyger

Chamber choir SATB

Duration: 8'

Arrangement for mixed chamber choir of The Lamb & The Tyger for female choir (1999b), originally written for 'Klein Vrouwenkoor Orpheus', cond. Albert Wissink.
tekst: William Blake


Catch (an Angel)

Recorders SAAT

Duration: 60 sec.

For Brisk Recorder Quartet at its 20th anniversary. First performance in Paris, September 23 2006, at the Institut Neérlandais.


The Kiss

string quartet a version for small string ensemble will follow soon

Duration: ca. 3'

For Coosje Wijzenbeek, from Mascha & Willem Wander van Nieuwkerk


score for 'The Birdwatcher'

Pianoquartet (violin, viola, cello, piano)

Duration: 11'

Music for 'The Birdwatcher', television shortplay directed by Ellen Blom, written by Sanne Vogel & Ellen Blom after an idea of Ellen Blom.


Three Dance Capriccio's

Violin and piano

Duration: 12'

Written for the Duo Philippens - Van Nieuwkerk, commissioned by violin paedagogue Coosje Wijzenbeek with Financial support of the Dutch Performing Arts Fund.



violin, clarinet, piano

Duration: 17'

Commissioned by the Bartók Trio (Marta Abraham, Nancy Braithwaite, Bas Verheijden), financially supported by the ThuisKopiefonds. 1st perf. November 2004, Kromme Rijn Concerts, Dutch Reformed Church, Bunnik.


Sic accensa profatur (Dido’s Complaint)

Song for soprano, accompanied by violin and piano

Duration: 7'

For prof. dr. Daan den Hengst, commissioned by the University of Amsterdam's Dept. of Classical Studies.
Tekst: Vergil, Aenid IV 362 - 392


Polder Winds Blowing

5 graded pieces for 4 saxophones or mixed winds ad lib.

Duration: 6'

In part arrangements of 'Piano in the Polder', 2002


Simple Suite

string ensemble: violins 1 &2, viola, cellos 1 & 2

Duration: 6'

Four graded pieces. Also in a version for violins 1,2, & 3 with cello (or double bass)


Kalenda Maya

String Quartet

Duration: 10'

For the young Giocondo Kwartet, commissioned by Coosje Wijzenbeek, 1st perf. Copenhagen 2003, Dutch Ambassy
(The audio clip features the first half of the first movement.)


Piano in the Polder

8 graded pieces (elementary to intermediate) for piano two and four hands

Duration: 5’30”

Commissioned by BuZZing (a Piano Teacher's Foundation), in a single edition with four pieces by Nathalie Boogers


Piano Quintet Tandernaken

2 violins, viola, cello and piano

Duration: 17'

1st perf. Zuoz, Switserland, August 2002 Commissioned by mrs. Nancy Chumanchenco, director of Margess International of Switzerland


Concerto Grosso

small string orchestra

Duration: 15'

Commissioned by the Constantijn Youth String Orchestra, cond. Roeland Robert.


Little Swiss Fantasy

Four violins

Duration: 2’42”

1st perf. Tarasp (Swiss, Unter-Engadin), November 1, 2001 Commissioned by Margess International International of Switzerland for RadioDiffusion Suisse




Duration: 3'15

For Yuri van Nieuwkerk


Tiny Web

Canon for 4 voices

Duration: ad lib.

text: W.W. van Nieuwkerk


Utrecht Mirror of Saints / Utrechtse Heiligenspiegel

(double) mixed choir, children's choir and chamber orchestra/ string quartet; parts arranged for carillon, brass quartet and percussion
Movements: see program note

Duration: 60'

For the Monteverdi Chamber Choir, Cathedral Youth Choir, Choir of the Dom Cathedral, commissioned by Cittá della Musica, 1st perf. Utrecht, Jacobi Church
Text: Andries Govaart


The Lamb & The Tyger

Diptych for female choir/ mixed (youth)choir

Duration: 8'

For 'Klein Vrouwenkoor Orpheus', cond. Albert Wissink
text: William Blake


The Water-Call

Recorders SSATBB, harp (or 2 guitars)

Duration: 8'

For the Praetorius Ensemble, cond. Norbert Kunst, premiere: Utrecht 1999


O Nederlanden

solo voices SSATB, recorder (also gamba), cyther (also percussion), percussion (also gamba), 5 winds, (zinc, pommer, cornetto, 2 trombones) Movements: see program note

Duration: 15'

Performed during the national celebration of the Munster Treaty (1648) 1998 in de Ridderzaal in The Hague, by Camerata Trajectina and Ensemble Oltremontano. Commissioned by the Eerste Kamer der Staten-Generaal
tekst: anoniem 17e eeuw



Clarinet or viola, cello and piano

Duration: 15'

Commissioned by the Dutch Association for Amateur music


The Vision

Mixed choir and orchestra

Duration: 15'

Voor Toonkunstkoor Utrecht (Utrecht Choral Society), cond. Jos Vermunt, 1st. perf. Muziekcentrum Vredenburg Utrecht
Tekst: William Blake


Theatre Tango

Recorders ATBB

Duration: 4'

Originally part of incidental music for 'Groeten uit zee' (Greetings from the Sea) 1996a


Groeten uit zee (een muzikale vertelling) [Greetings from the Sea; a musical narrative]

narrator/singer, 4 recorderplayers with various recorders, harp

Duration: 40'

For Brisk Recorder Kwartet Amsterdam, 1st perf. Haarlem, Concertgebouw Produced by David Prins, voice: Maureen Sariparnussa, commissioned by North-Holland Philharmonic Orchestra's Educational Service and the Provinc Noord- Holland, financially supported by the ThuisKopie Fonds.
Text: Joke van Leeuwen


Iocundemur socii

Choir SATB

Duration: 4'

For the Dutch International Choral Festival Arnhem 1995
Text: Medieval anon. (Carmina Burana)


Rare Haren (Hair Cut Crazy )

short pieces for bassclarinet, violin and piano (not yet published)

Duration: 45'

music for children's dance theater


Filmscore 'Zoë'

Bigband without percussion, harp

Duration: 45'

TV Shortplay commissioned by KRO/Stimuleringsfonds/Cobofonds, recorded by the Metropole Orkest, cond. Dick Bakker


The Lamb & The Tyger

Diptych for mezzosoprano and jazz orchestra (to be published)

Duration: 8'

1st perf. VPRO-Radio/IJsbreker, Amsterdam, Big Band of the Hilversum Conservatory, cond. Erik van Lier, zang: Christa Lips
Tekst: William Blake



choir SATB, clarinet, bassoon, horn, string quintet, harp, timpani (and optional children's voices in soprano range)

Duration: 15'

For the choir of St. Caecilia's Church, Houten, cond. Evert Wachter, commissioned by the Dutch Saint Gregory Foundation
Text: 5 Latin liturgical texts


Bye Day, Bye Night

children's choir and piano (or small orchestra)

Duration: 15'

For Children's Choir De Kickers, 1st perf. Purmerend, commissioned by the Educational Service of the Province Noord-Holland
Text: Mariëlle van Kilsdonk


Voci, voci


Duration: 9'

For Peter Holtslag, 1st perf. Amsterdam, IJsbreker


The Darling Buds of May

symf. orch. 2222 2as 211 perc, stringorchestra

Duration: 7'

For the Riciotti Ensemble, supported by the Fonds voor de Scheppende Toonkunst


Bye bye, blues (C-U, Jesus)

Renaissance recorders ATB

Duration: 4'

For La Fontegara Amsterdam, with support of the Pro Music Foundation 1st perf. Germany, Münster 1993


Short story from a no man's land

flute, horn, saxes AAT, 3 trumpets, 3 trombones, piano, doublebass

Duration: 12'

For De Volharding (supported by the Fonds voor de Scheppende Toonkunst), 1st perf. Concertgebouw, Amsterdam


Do not go gentle into that good night

male choir 2-4 voices ad lib

Duration: 4'

For the Canoldir Male Choir, 1st perf. Wales, Presteigne Festival
Text: Dylan Thomas


Motetus X

male choir

Duration: 9'

Commissioned by SNK/Fonds voor de Scheppende Toonkunst (with ‘Do not go gentle’)
Text: Shakespeare



2 recorders

Duration: 3'

Incidental music for the folk play 'Fulco the Minstrel' IJsselstein 1992


Soundtrack 'Hot Dog Tales'

piano, clarinet, violin

Duration: 10'

'Hotdog Tales', short movie by Nicol van Kilsdonk about the desolate fair at Long Island; PallMall Movie Productions. Music as yet unpublished.


The Party

Recorders SATB/SATB

Duration: 7'

Commissioned by SONBU (supported by the Fonds voor de Schepppende Toonkunst), 1st perf. Open Dutch Recorder Days 1992, Utrecht


Romance for horn & piano

horn, piano

Duration: 3'

From the soundtrack to 'Post Reykjavik' by Nicole van Kilsdonk



Renaissance recorders ATBB Movements: I - II (poco largo) - III - IV (coda)

Duration: 17'

For Brisk Recorder Quartet Amsterdam; 1st perf. at the Warwick Festival (UK) 1992


Soundtrack 'Post Reykjavik'

piano, horn

Duration: 20'

Music for Nicole van Kilsdonks shortplay; parts published as Romance for horn and piano


Romance for piano


Duration: 1'10"

From the soundtrack to ‘Post Reykjavik’ by Nicole van Kilsdonk


The Call


Duration: 12'

For Joop van Goozen, 1st perf. Nicolas Church Amsterdam; Commissioned by the Fonds voor de Scheppende Toonkunst


Incidental music for 'Schik met Schrik' (Super Startle)


Duration: 35'

Songs, dances and atmospheric music for children's dance theatre, by Company, for children age 5 - 8; unpublished



renaissance recorders STB

Duration: 2'30"

1st perf. Münster, Germany, by La Fontegara Amsterdam


Incidental music for 'Helden' (Heroes)


Duration: 45'

Heroes, children's dance theatre by chorographer Katelijne VanDuffel, produced by Company


Blocks / Blokken

Blocks / Blokken

Duration: 60'

mezzosoprano, renaissance recorders (SS, S, A (in G), T, B, Cb, one player) two percussionists, tape
Text: Plath, Auden, Yeats


Incidental music for 'Wout aan de wandel' (Woody's walks)

piano, synthesizer

Duration: 35'

Children's dance theater


Adagio, non adagio

Variable trio: oboe (or violin or altorecorder), horn (or bassoon or cello) and harpsichord (or piano).

Duration: 7'

For Trio La Luna


So Tear

Three renaissance recorders

Duration: 16'

Written for La Fontegara Amsterdam, 1st perf. Venlo, Museum Van Bommel Van Dam


Ombres II: Selon

guitar solo

Duration: 6'

For Tom Kerstens


First Things First

Dance opera: three dansers, three singers, three electrical guitarists, three percussionists

Duration: 70'

1st perf.: Amsterdam, Shaffy Theater, Company
Choreography: Marjolein van Nieuwkerk
Text by the composer


Ombres I: Après

Guitar solo

Duration: 4'

For Tom Kerstens


Very Nicely

Four songs for mezzo-soprano or baritone and piano (also arr. for sopr., fl., guit. / sopr., fl., guit., and harp)

Duration: 7'

Text: e.e. cummings'



flute, saxes SAT, 2 trumpets, horn, 2 trombones, piano, double bass

Duration: 3'

1st perf. Leiden, 1984 (Orchestra De Onderste Steen)


Debris, Soli

5 singers (SAATB), 2 clarinets, trumpet, horn, trombone, 2 electric guitars, bassguitar, 2 percussion

Duration: 60'

Text: Diop, Okigbo, Ginsburg, Plath, Cummings



Flute and piano

Duration: 12'

1st perf. Amsterdam, IJsbreker 1982



guitar solo

Duration: 30'

1st perf. Amsterdam, IJsbreker by Tom Kerstens 1982


A Dream of War

Voices and variable ensemble

Duration: 10'

1st perf. University of Utrecht


Book for Two Piano's

2 piano's

Duration: 16'

1st perf. AMsterdam, IJsbreker 1982