Bye bye, blues (C-U, Jesus)


Renaissance recorders ATB


For La Fontegara Amsterdam, with support of the Pro Music Foundation 1st perf. Germany, Münster 1993


‘Bye bye, blues (C-U, Jesus)’ is a loving little caricature, based on the harmonic scheme of the blues. On this simple harmonic ‘stage’, several characters from early Afro-american music appear: black farmhands in the fields hollering their calls and responses, the boogie- and ragtime-players in the cities thumping away on their instruments, and faint flickerings of the swing and bebop of a later age. But in the background of al this, indeed often mingling with it, is the gospel-song of the faithful, inviting us to leave behind the melancholy solitude of the fields and streets and join the spiritual fullness of the churches’ congregation – whence the title. But will we ever be able forget this melancholy feeling?

First recorded by La Fontegara Amsterdam.
Another great recording is by Ensemble Dreiklang Berlin.

This ensemble is not bad at all either: