Utrechts Requiem: Sanctus (chamber version)


4 solo voices, clarinet, violoncello and harp


Chamber version of Part IV of the 'Utrecht Requiem 2017', for the soloists from Dutch Chamber Choir and Ensemble Insomnio
Text: Herman van Tongerloo / trad. Gregorian


A project of documentary film maker Ellem Blom. Six Utrecht citizens of diverse backgrounds speak about life and death. Their stories, poetically reworked by Herman van Tongerloo, became the movements of a new Utrecht Requiem. The entire documentary (orchestral) concert can be viewed at NTR 2Doc.
My Sanctus, the fourth movement, is based on the story of Wim Koevoet, who descended deep into junk-status and completely re-ascended into the skilfull semi-professional bass player that he now is.
Accidentally I had based the first episode on bass riffs, that Wim plays in a personal introduction. After the positive turn in his story, below the children’s choir the gregorian Sanctus appears.