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2021 Scènes uit ons lot (Scenes from our Fate)

Renaissance instruments: tenor, alto recorder in G, lute, harp, viola da gamba

Duration: 6'30" text: Ester Naomi Perquin

2020 Aan de Bruid / To the Bride

Arrangement for renaissance instruments: tenor, altorecorder in G, lute, viola da gamba and harp

Duration: ca. 13 min. Five songs on poems by Ingmar Heytze

I. Verzoeknummer
II. Winter
III. Aan de bruid
IV. Hoor eens ik haat je
V. Voor de liefste onbekende

2020 Songs of War & Peace

Recorder (soprano & tenor) & string quartet

Duration: ca. 32' A suite in 5 movements for recorder and string quartet based on Bohemian, German, and Dutch folksongs from the Thirty Year's War.

Written for Peter Holtslag and the Bennewitz Quartet

I. Battaglia
II. Fantasia super 'Dunkle Wolke'
III. Scherzo: Grimmig Tod & Heilig Kind
IV. Pastorale: Schnitter Tod
V. Elegia

Première: Peter Holtslag with the Ruysdael Kwartet, 17-18 Octobre 2020 Noorderkerk Concerten Amsterdam, Dorpskerk Wilp and Slotconcerten Slot Zeist. With special thanks to Richard van Remmen

2016c I look o'er Yander

two recorder quintets (SATTB - ATTB,GB) and optional alto recorder soloist

Duration: 9' Written for the Lyme Regis Recorder Courses 2016

2012b The Bridal Kiss

Recorder quartet T-T-B-GB

Duration: 4' Scenes from a Jewish wedding ritual, with Klezmer influences. Published by Tre Fontane].

2012a Ludwig was here (wasn't he)...

Alto recorder and piano

Duration: ca. 14' This is the version for recorder and piano of the 3rd movement of my duo sonata for violin and piano. Published by Edition Tre Fontane. A midi version of the piano (for practising purpose) is available.

2011a Stamping Ground (for Angels)

Recorder quartet SATB

Duration: ca. 4' Based on the estampita Tre Fontane, and dedicated to Edition Tre Fontane, Münster, Germany, in celebration of their 10th anniversary.
A recording by the Flanders Recorder Quartet, together with Catch (an Angel) and fall of 2012.

2008a From near and from afar

Carillon and recorder player at a distance (treble renaissance and alto baroque recorders)

Duration: 12' Written for Arie Abennes and Saskia Coolen, commissioned and funded by the Utrecht Carillon Society as part of the celebration of their eightieth birthday.

2007b Recorders Without Borders

Recorders A(A,T) T(T,B)BB ad lib.

Duration: ca. 5' Four graded pieces for recorder quartet or sextet ad lib.
Published by Edition Tre Fontane, Münster.

2007a2 Over the Water

tenor recorder and piano

Duration: 2' for Sas and Mas ...who both came from 'over the water'. Published by Tre Fontane

2006c Catch (an Angel)

Recorders SAAT

Duration: 60 sec. For Brisk Recorder Quartet at its 20th anniversary. First performance in Paris, September 23 2006, at the Institut Neérlandais.

1999a The Water-Call

Recorders SSATBB, harp (or 2 guitars)

Duration: 8' For the Praetorius Ensemble, cond. Norbert Kunst, premiere: Utrecht 1999

1996b Theatre Tango

Recorders ATBB

Duration: 4' Originally part of incidental music for 'Groeten uit zee' (Greetings from the Sea) 1996a

1996a Groeten uit zee (een muzikale vertelling) [Greetings from the Sea; a musical narrative]

narrator/singer, 4 recorderplayers with various recorders, harp

Duration: 40' For Brisk Recorder Kwartet Amsterdam, 1st perf. Haarlem, Concertgebouw Produced by David Prins, voice: Maureen Sariparnussa, commissioned by North-Holland Philharmonic Orchestra's Educational Service and the Provinc Noord- Holland, financially supported by the ThuisKopie Fonds.
Text: Joke van Leeuwen

1994a Voci, voci


Duration: 9' For Peter Holtslag, 1st perf. Amsterdam, IJsbreker

1993 Bye bye, blues (C-U, Jesus)

Renaissance recorders ATB

Duration: 4' For La Fontegara Amsterdam, with support of the Pro Music Foundation 1st perf. Germany, Münster 1993

1992b Intro

2 recorders

Duration: 3' Incidental music for the folk play 'Fulco the Minstrel' IJsselstein 1992

1991d The Party

Recorders SATB/SATB

Duration: 7' Commissioned by SONBU (supported by the Fonds voor de Schepppende Toonkunst), 1st perf. Open Dutch Recorder Days 1992, Utrecht

1991b Quartet

Renaissance recorders ATBB Movements: I - II (poco largo) - III - IV (coda)

Duration: 17' For Brisk Recorder Quartet Amsterdam; 1st perf. at the Warwick Festival (UK) 1992

1989b Kadanza

renaissance recorders STB

Duration: 2'30" 1st perf. Münster, Germany, by La Fontegara Amsterdam

1988-89 Blocks / Blokken

Blocks / Blokken

Duration: 60' mezzosoprano, renaissance recorders (SS, S, A (in G), T, B, Cb, one player) two percussionists, tape
Text: Plath, Auden, Yeats

1987 Adagio, non adagio

Variable trio: oboe (or violin or altorecorder), horn (or bassoon or cello) and harpsichord (or piano).

Duration: 7' For Trio La Luna

1986 So Tear

Three renaissance recorders

Duration: 16' Written for La Fontegara Amsterdam, 1st perf. Venlo, Museum Van Bommel Van Dam