Three Dance Capriccio’s


Violin and piano


Written for the Duo Philippens - Van Nieuwkerk, commissioned by violin paedagogue Coosje Wijzenbeek with Financial support of the Dutch Performing Arts Fund.

    1. Pavan
    2. La Volta
    3. Bransle de Mardiche


The indication ‘Capriccio’ refers to the ‘caprice’ in 18th century art: an imagined re-ordering of the ruins of existing monuments. So too these pieces: a rhythmic rearrangement and re-interpretation of historical dances.

This little suite of dances is at the same time a small sonata, featuring the melody of the anonymous 12th century pastourelle “Volez vous que je vous chant” (to be heard in various guises in the second movement). A knight questions a pretty young sheperdess about her pedigree. She answers that she is of high birth: from the nightingale, singing in the tree’s high foliage.



2.La Volta

 3.Bransle de Mardiche

    1. ______