The Lamb & The Tyger


Chamber choir SATB


Arrangement for mixed chamber choir of The Lamb & The Tyger for female choir (1999b), originally written for 'Klein Vrouwenkoor Orpheus', cond. Albert Wissink.
tekst: William Blake

    1. 1. The Lamb
    2. 2. The Tyger



A recording of the version for female choir can be found here

About the music

The The Lamb and The Tyger make up a miniature diptych, based on William Blake’s poems from his Songs of Innocence (1789) and Songs of Experience (1793). In seemingly childlike terms Blake sketches the miraculous paradoxes faced by one who believes in a Good Creator. The music follows the text closely while stressing echoes of The Lamb to be heard in The Tyger, especially the question: “did He who made the Lamb make Thee, Tyger?”