stage & film music

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2006a score for 'The Birdwatcher'

Pianoquartet (violin, viola, cello, piano)

Duration: 11' Music for 'The Birdwatcher', television shortplay directed by Ellen Blom, written by Sanne Vogel & Ellen Blom after an idea of Ellen Blom.

1996a Groeten uit zee (een muzikale vertelling) [Greetings from the Sea; a musical narrative]

narrator/singer, 4 recorderplayers with various recorders, harp

Duration: 40' For Brisk Recorder Kwartet Amsterdam, 1st perf. Haarlem, Concertgebouw Produced by David Prins, voice: Maureen Sariparnussa, commissioned by North-Holland Philharmonic Orchestra's Educational Service and the Provinc Noord- Holland, financially supported by the ThuisKopie Fonds.
Text: Joke van Leeuwen

1995-96 Rare Haren (Hair Cut Crazy )

short pieces for bassclarinet, violin and piano (not yet published)

Duration: 45' music for children's dance theater

1995c Filmscore 'Zoë'

Bigband without percussion, harp

Duration: 45' TV Shortplay commissioned by KRO/Stimuleringsfonds/Cobofonds, recorded by the Metropole Orkest, cond. Dick Bakker

1992a Soundtrack 'Hot Dog Tales'

piano, clarinet, violin

Duration: 10' 'Hotdog Tales', short movie by Nicol van Kilsdonk about the desolate fair at Long Island; PallMall Movie Productions. Music as yet unpublished.

1991c Romance for horn & piano

horn, piano

Duration: 3' From the soundtrack to 'Post Reykjavik' by Nicole van Kilsdonk

1991a Soundtrack 'Post Reykjavik'

piano, horn

Duration: 20' Music for Nicole van Kilsdonks shortplay; parts published as Romance for horn and piano

1991e Romance for piano


Duration: 1'10" From the soundtrack to ‘Post Reykjavik’ by Nicole van Kilsdonk

1990 Incidental music for 'Schik met Schrik' (Super Startle)


Duration: 35' Songs, dances and atmospheric music for children's dance theatre, by Company, for children age 5 - 8; unpublished

1989a Incidental music for 'Helden' (Heroes)


Duration: 45' Heroes, children's dance theatre by chorographer Katelijne VanDuffel, produced by Company

1988-89 Blocks / Blokken

Blocks / Blokken

Duration: 60' mezzosoprano, renaissance recorders (SS, S, A (in G), T, B, Cb, one player) two percussionists, tape
Text: Plath, Auden, Yeats

1988 Incidental music for 'Wout aan de wandel' (Woody's walks)

piano, synthesizer

Duration: 35' Children's dance theater

1985a First Things First

Dance opera: three dansers, three singers, three electrical guitarists, three percussionists

Duration: 70' 1st perf.: Amsterdam, Shaffy Theater, Company
Choreography: Marjolein van Nieuwkerk
Text by the composer