piano music

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2023a A Pilgrim's Progress

piano solo

Duration: 14 min. ca I. They climbed a mountain
II. They give birth astride of a grave

2016b He is not here

Piano solo

Duration: 4'25 For Marcel Worms

2009a Piano trio 'De tout mon coeur'

Trio for piano, violin and cello

Duration: ca. 25' For the Atlantic Trio (Bas Verheijden, piano, Vegard Nilsen, violin, Ansfried Plat, cello)

2002c Piano in the Polder

8 graded pieces (elementary to intermediate) for piano two and four hands

Duration: 5’30” Commissioned by BuZZing (a Piano Teacher's Foundation), in a single edition with four pieces by Nathalie Boogers

2002b Piano Quintet Tandernaken

2 violins, viola, cello and piano

Duration: 17' 1st perf. Zuoz, Switserland, August 2002 Commissioned by mrs. Nancy Chumanchenco, director of Margess International of Switzerland

2000 Fantasque


Duration: 3'15 For Yuri van Nieuwkerk

1991e Romance for piano


Duration: 1'10" From the soundtrack to ‘Post Reykjavik’ by Nicole van Kilsdonk

1975 Book for Two Piano's

2 piano's

Duration: 16' 1st perf. AMsterdam, IJsbreker 1982