Should an artist be original? From the ‘signature styles’ of Modern Art to the hermetic technical ‘theories’ of composers like Cage and Boulez and Xenakis, the necessity of originality has been virtually built into the appreciation of the work of art. The musing below is just a hint at an attempt to ethically move beyond ‘originality’ as usually understood to a less personal, more objective (or object-oriented) strategy, or method, or path of poetic action. Yes, I think it is a path of poetic action that I am musing on here…



Composing takes time, gentle reader. In spite of that, here is where the ruminative composer’s feathered quill softly enters verbal blogosphere…more

How music came into my life. more

It stands solid as a rock near the Amsterdam’s IJ-bank, run with a firm hand. more

Uilenburger SjoelA truly Dutch theme, a truly Dutch location… The music played, my quintet for guitar and string quartet Over the Water, means a lot to me. more



In the age of The Image, music is all too easily overlooked. But just as much of the instrumental Classical and late romantic music, and instrumental jazz, seems to have grown into independent musical forms right out of verbal soil, we now seem to witness rather an ongoing sonification and musicalization of our ‘visual culture’…more