Vintage Brisk: a birthday party

Brisk Recorder Quartet Amsterdam celebrated it’s 20th anniversary with a cd of contemporary music for recorder quartet and a special programme, including my music, in the Amsterdam Muziekgebouw….
Brisk Recorder Quartet Amsterdam celebrates it’s 20th anniversary. I have had the opportunity to work with them in several projects: the Quartet, that they gave the first performance of in 1992 in the Warwick Festival, and the music theatre piece Greetings from the Sea, on a text by Joke van Leeuwen and staged by David Prins. This in turn gave rise to the nice little piece (and often played) Theatre Tango.

With Loeki Stardust they recorded The Party, a piece that I wrote for the Dutch Open Recorder Festival.
Their recently released birthday-cd Vintage Brisk contains part of my Quartet as well as the new Catch (an Angel), my birthday present to Brisk. The cd has been presented on 3 December in the Muziekgebouw at the IJ, in their special jubilee-programme VINTAGE.