Première piano trio ‘De tout mon coeur’ by the Atlantic Trio.

Applaus in Figidecember 2009 – On December 13, 2009 the Atlantic Trio played the first performance of my new piano trio in a fine programme that featured Beethoven op.1:1 en Mendelssohn’s 2nd trio…


Willem Wander in FigiThe first night of my piano trio in Figi Theatre in Zeist on December 13 was quite impressive. After a year of work and months of preparation I felt slightly apprehensive, and after the opening performance of Beethoven’s trio opus 1 no. 1 it was quite a relief to be allowed to go on stage to say a few words about the music and its origins. It gives one something to do, at least (programme notes to the piece will appear here.) The performance left little to be desired. The Atlantic Trio was clearly very well prepared, because even though this was the ‘real’ (Dutch) premiere, they had already performed the piece several times on their own festival in Norway, and three of the movements in the Atlantic Festival in Vught.

It is the best thing to receive an applause that comes from a heartfelt emotional consensus, and the response was indeed overwhelming in the great understanding and emotional affinity that people showed. And this certainly was not an audience eager for ‘modern’ music! I was sometimes nearly shocked by the way in which some put their finger on episodes in the music that I feel are important, and no less by the psychological and even metaphysical conjectures they evoked.

So the after-party was full of intense conversation. A word of thanks to the Figi management, present in the person of general manager Jos Ruijs, who offered free drinks which no doubt contributed to the festive feelings.
In the first quarter of 2010 the Atlantic Trio will play the trio at least six times throughout Holland (the play list is on the website of pianist Bas Verheijden. I am looking forward to more performances, and a recording!