Orpheus sings: Dutch composers

A new cd of Dutch choral music includes my The Lamb & The Tyger….

I am proud to have my diptych ‘The Lamb & The Tyger’ included in a new cd by the Orpheus Female Choir: Dutch Composers ‘Di Voce’ II. The cd has become an inbteresting specimen of contemporary Dutch choral music. It is also a rather audacious production: new music, Dutch composers, sung by amateurs…
But since most singing is done by dedicated non-professionals, these are also the best ambassadors for such new repertoire.
Dedication is the keyword here. To beauty and quality of performance. To new repertoire. And to getting such projects funded – by the Prins Bernard Fonds and the Dutch FAPK-Fund.
I warmly congratulate conductor Albert Wissink, who must have been the main driving force behind this production (and is himself a very able composer!).

I was so struck when I heard The Lamb & The Tyger again that I decided to also re-arrange it for mixed choir.