Blake Settings now also SATB

The choral diptych The Lamb & The Tyger was recently performed in a new SATB version.

Female choir ‘Orpheus’ recently recorded my diptych The Lamb & The Tyger Hearing it after such a long time (it was composed in 1998) I was struck by the beauty and simplicity of the music and decided to make a version for mixed choir.

For some time now, I myself sing in a small group of dedicated choristers, Coorenwijn, so the obvious thing was to try out the new setting with them.
And so we did in a programme dedicated to Dutch vocal music (you may want to read the entire programme as a PDF) that we performed in our hometowns Driebergen and Zeist.

The Lamb & The Tyger were, it seems, very much appreciated by my fellow singers and the audience. In the Tyger, rhythmic problems abound, but I was relieved to experience that the logic of the music, with enough practice, easily guides the ears of performers and audiences alike.

If you are interested in singing this music, please contact me.

This is Coorenwijn, with extra forces, singing Hendrik Andriessen’s beautiful Missa Diatonica.