Emma Roijackers played Dutch première of my Zarabanda for solo-violin

Muze van Zuid Festival - logoAt the Amsterdam  Muze van Zuid 2023 Festival violinist Emma Roijackers gave the first Dutch performance of my Zarabanda for solo-violin, to great public acclaim.

Emme Roijackers
Emma Roijackers

The first version of my Zarabanda dates back to 2014. It was written then for Rosanne Philippens as the Dutch part of her programme for the International Violin Competition Freiburg (where she took first prize). Emma now plays in Muze van Zuid not only a first public Dutch performance, but also a new revised (I hope: improved) version. This final version became all the more a virtuoso, but at the same time very lyrical piece in which echoes of the original 17th-century South American Zarabanda, which was rhythmic and fast, mingle with later Romantic versions, which are slower, solemn and more in the spirit of bel canto.