Dutch Classical Radio 4 Over the Water

Radio4-logoOn june 25 Dutch Radio 4 broadcast an ‘Eveningconcert’ recorded in the Amsterdam Uilenburger Synagoge. It was titled Over the water, after my quintet for guitar and string quartet that was on the program that evening.
Upon the face of these waters the spirit of Debussy moved that night…
and not only to Indonesia.

Over the water
1. D. Belinfante. String Quartet nr. 1.
2. W.W. van Nieuwkerk. Over the water for guitar and string quartet.
3. D. Kattenburg. String Quartet nr. 1 (unfinished).
4. L. Smit. String Quartet (unfinished, arranged by Jeff Hamburg).
5. De Falla. Homenaje (Le tombeau de Claude Debussy).
6. Piazolla. La muerte del Ángel/Verano Porteño.
7. L. Brouwer. Quintetto for guitar and string quartet.

Utrecht String Quartet:
Eva Koskinen en Katherine Routley, violin. Joel Waterman, viola. Sebastian Koloski, cello.
Tom Kerstens, guitar.
Recorded 15-3-2010, Uilenburger Synagoge Amsterdam.