A Building with a View

Like a steamer, a skyscraper, no, like a musical refinery it stands beaming squarely on the banks of the former Amsterdam ferry port: the “Muziekgebouw aan’t IJ” that we owe to director Jan Wolff’s unrelenting pressures, political, personal, and not to underestimate, financial. It HAD TO arise – and indeed it arose. CSArtist Sigrid van Essel lives opposite to it, and she painted the view (of Amsterdam Central Station) one would enjoy if the building would steam off to the not so far removed horizon of North Amsterdam, Skipper Jan firmly steering – please do return, “Muziekgebouw aan’t IJ”! Sigrid’s painting (Amsterdam Central in Winter Sun) is on our wall. Another beautiful version of this view is offered by this painting:


A shrouded image in a splash of light, due to Sigrid’s fine technique. Take a close look at her site!