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Laatste update: 09-10-2017

Score of The Lamb & The Tyger (chamber choir SATB) now published

The two short companion pieces on the famous poems of William Blake, The Lamb and The Tyger, have already been recorded in their 1999 version for female choir by the Orpheus Female Choir under Albert Wissink. But finally they now also appear in print in the SATB version that I made in 2006 for the small chamber choir that I sing in myself. We performed this version in 2007 in a program of Dutch choral music, I believe to great acclaim of choristers and listeners alike. The Tyger is a piece of some rhythmic complexity, but even with our modest capacities we were able to surmount this and give the piece its full force after the gentle lyricism of the Lamb. Tyger

Interested readers may find sample pages of the score(s) here and contact Ascolta. Easiest to mail info@ascolta.nl. Lamb
The version for female choir can be seen here and may be available from Ascolta in due time.

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