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Laatste update: 04-12-2017

Muziek > I look o'er Yander (2016c)

I look o'er Yander

Dubbel blokfluitkwintet SATTB - A TT B GB en optionele altblokfluit solo

I. I look o’er Yander
II. Hoe luyde riep die Siel…. (How Loud the Soul Cried out…)

Duur: 9 min

Geschreven voor de Lyme Regis Recorder Courses 2016 en soliste Saskia Coolen

Written for the Lyme Regis Recorder Courses 2016.

The first movement is on a little song that struck my eye while leafing through Krehbiel’s Afro-American Folksongs. The wonderfully joyful and simple song turned out to be a funeral dirge:

I look o’er yander, what I see?
Somebody’s dying every day.
See bright angel standin’ dere;
Somebody’s dying every day.
Ev’ry day, passin’ away, Somebody’s dying every day.

Ev’ry day, passin’ away, Somebody’s dying every day.

I have tried to capture some of the the sadness that underlies the seemingly happy tune, as if angels carefully carry a child’s soul to heaven.

The second movement starts with a small double canon (in the basses) and then a ‘ground’ on a beautiful, through-composed song from the Antwerp Song Book (no. 56), in my translation:

How loud to God cried out the Soul
O Lord Almighty, gentle Father,
What shall I do?
My body heavily drags my heart
O Lord, do grace me, do
The flesh tries to devour me whole

The starting point for movement three was offered by chance when I looked into Lyme Regis’ history and found out, to my great surprise, that it is twinned to Bermuda. I heard a Bermudan piper’s band on YouTube play an interesting calypso-like melody that I morphed into th