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Last update: 09-10-2017

American Recorder Tour 2015-2016

Saskia-logoSaskia Coolen, her many recorders and I hope to visit the States in 2015-2016. We are now preparing a series of courses and workshops for ensembles, dedicated to the study and performance of my music for recorders.

You may wish to download the PDF Van Nieuwkerk’s Works for Recorder with full info about my current work.

In addition, we will bring some newly written ensemble pieces and Saskia will play the premiere of a new virtuoso work for recorder solo, or possibly even a concerto or concerto grosso, the different parts of which can be played by participants in the courses - a fascinating experience to work on a new piece, both for composer and performers!

Themes include:

  • Interpretation and ensemble playing: interlocking patterns, rhythmic and melodic awareness
  • Rhythm and rhytmic articulation
  • combining a tight rhythm with free phrasing

Below is a list of works from solo to larger ensembles with links to the works. If you have any questions concerning programming, performance, or publications, you are kindly requested to mail me!

Click the titles below to access more information on this website (instrumentation, recordings, video, editions) or download the PDF Van Nieuwkerk’s Works for Recorder with full info.

Voci, voci - 9 min - level 5

Intro - 3 min - level 2

Trio (renaissance recorders):
So Tear - 16 min - level 5

Kadanza - 2’30” - level 3

Bye bye, Blues (C-U, Jesus)

The Bridal Kiss - 4 min - level 3-4

Stamping Ground (for Angels) - 4 min - level 3

Catch (an Angel) - 1’20” - level 5

Theatre Tango - 4 min - level 3

Quartet (renaissance recorders) - 17 min - level 5

Four to six players ad lib:
Recorders without Borders - 5 min. - level 2-3

Double Quartet:
The Party - 7 min - level ???

Recorder & piano:
Ludwig was here (wasn’t he) - 4 - level ???

Over the Water - 2 min - level 2

Alto recorder, horn and harpsichord:
Adagio, non Adagio - 7min. - level 4

Solo recorders and carillon:
From near and from afar -4,5 - level 5

Solo recorders, percussionists, voice and tape:
Blokken / Blocks - 60 min - level 5

Quartet, voice and harp:
Greetings from the Sea (a musical narrative) - 45 min - level 5

Sextet and harp:
The Water Call - 8 min. - level 3

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