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Last update: 09-10-2017

Encore! - the new cd of the Flanders Recorder Quartet

cd_Encore No less than three works of mine are featured on this wonderful new cd of the Flanders Recorder Quartet: Kadanza and the first two of the series of Angelic pieces, Catch (an Angel) and Stamping Ground (for Angels). The choice of pieces is a result of their special interactive approach to concert programming. As The Flemish Four themselves put it on their website: Flanders Recorder Quartet

“During the 2010-2011 season, Flanders Recorder Quartet presented an exceptional programme: its own Jukebox in concert. This time there was no thematic programme, no following Pierre de la Rue’s footsteps, no selection of songs by Henry VIII, but a radically new proposition. In Jukebox the audience would decide on what FRQ was going to play that afternoon or evening.
The concept was as easy as it was straightforward: FRQ brought along all its instruments and folders of music scores. The collection of over a hundred available pieces offers a beautiful cross-section of the varied literature for recorder, as well as personal favourites of Tom Beets, Bart Spanhove, Joris Van Goethem and Paul Van Loey. A computer would tally the audience vote and hand us the result, giving us fifteen minutes before the concert to decide on the order. Wherever we tried it, whether in a small mansion in Germany, a country school in Flanders or a music festival in South Korea, it worked!”

Twenty Jukebox shows later, they drew the balance. How do fans answer the question: What would you like to hear again? First of all, they favour the spectacular: virtuosic, engaging, upbeat, swinging, a little crazy. The pieces that incarnate all these attributes turn out to often be the encores at a FRQ concert. The pleasure that the audience and the four musicians got from Jukebox finds a culmination on this CD. Encore!

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