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Muziek > Muziek voor blokfluiten > Stamping Ground (for Angels) (2011a)

Stamping Ground (for Angels)

Blokfluiten SATB

Duur: ca. 4 min.

Gebaseerd op de estampita Tre Fontane. Geschreven voor het 10-jarig bestaan van Edition Tre Fontane (Heida Vissing en Ronald Brox) te M√ľnster.

Een opname door het Flanders Recorder Quartet (‘Vier op een Rij’), samen met Catch (an Angel) en Kadanza verscheen in de herfst van 2012.

Stamping Ground (for Angels) voor blokfluitkwartet SAAT Several performers nowadays interpret the estampita Tre Fontane as a kind of Turkish-Arab (well, melismatic, quasi micro-intoned) music, which is quite nice (see the videos below). However, I have snatched it from right before the gates of Vienna, or even those of medieval Florence, to give it the more ‘Viennese classical’ turn of a light hearted rondo…
This also means that the Angels mentioned in the title are not the large and stately Seraphimic ones that radiate awe and inspire Holy Books. They are the small, neo-classical Cherubim and Putti that toy with things of love and beauty and caress them like near-heavenly pet animals.

The introduction says that:

“These little Angels, as lightly as being a being of light permits, dart, frisk, caper and gambol
on what is their favoured gathering place